Pat & JT - Mornings 5-10

Pat & JT have been on Q together since April Fool’s Day, 2002. Both Nebraska natives Pat was raised in Waterloo while JT (famously) hailed from Ashland.

Pat, the self-admitted “face” of the show, actually got his start at KQKQ as "Pat, the Ball-boy" when the station was known as “Sweet 98” and he had a full head of hair. JT got her start in Phoenix, AZ after a career as a Rodeo Queen. JT spent many years surrounded by cowboys. Now horseless, she’s adapting to life in a cul-de-sac with her many small pets. Pat, on the other hand, shares his life with his wife Amy and their 2 children Bennett and Sophia.

Their producer Whit is an Omaha native who fell in love with radio when he found out that a Broadcasting class began 30 minutes later than all the other classes, allowing him to sleep longer.