Scavenger Hunt For Taylor Swift Tix!
Get your entry in by 9a 10/9/15...
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Good luck, guys! Tix will be given away in the 9am hour 10/9/15. Random drawing from those with all correct answers.

(If none get all correct, we go with those who get the most correct answers. Sound good?)


Btw...there's a definite theme here... :-)

  1. Added to the National Register of Historic places in 1989,..where would you find the Pavillion Hotel? Btw, this city/town was platted in 1883.

  2. Expiditious...

  3. This community was founded by Mormon settlers (James Pearce) in January 1878, several months before the neighboring community of Snowflake. What state?

  4. An American First Class passenger from New York who sailed on the Titanic escaped on lifeboat number 9....her last name?

  5. This should be easy... The Zip Code is 71080

  6. If you could rename this film from 1961 starring Danny Kaye...what word would you choose..and what's the name of the film?

  7. This community is 4 miles southwest of Scranton on the Lackawanna River. It was founded in 1790 by Cornelius Atherton...

  8. The Moody Museum is the home of a former Governor in Williamson County. What town and what state?

  9. Didn't get a lot of airplay...but, I'm sure Taylor Swift would like to rename this song by AC/DC from their Back in Black album with her last name...what's the song?

  10. Gulliver's Travels... hmm...


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